The Lean Service Forum

“Implementing Lean, Lean sigma, continuous improvement or operations excellence may be a unique undertaking for every organisation, but best practices do emerge based on common challenges and opportunities.

Back in 2009 many of our clients asked us to help facilitate the compilation and sharing of this knowledge – our response was the Lean Service Forum. Since then the event has gone from strength to strength and now boasts over 25 member organisations. Its goal is simple: to bring together a wide range of organisations committed to bettering operations, create networking opportunities and provide access to world class insight and speakers. The resulting discussions continue to generate a body of knowledge on excellence in operations, benchmarking data and practical recommendations.


Each meeting is focused on exploring the experiences of members implementing their improvement initiatives, alongside guest speakers from academia and the business world. A typical meeting consists of a visit to a member’s site followed by interactive presentations and discussions. We also take every opportunity to visit other interesting projects that contribute a different perspective to the operations development debate. The resulting output includes detailed insights into the improvement journeys being undertaken by different organisations, shared research and publications, and themes to inspire more dedicated workshops.


Membership of the Forum costs £500 per year per organisation (or division/department for larger organisations). Applications to join the Lean Service Forum are by invitation only and with the agreement of existing members. OEE Consulting does this because we appreciate that quality triumphs over quantity when it comes to encouraging a healthy discussion. Successful applicants are then invited to attend the next meeting, where existing members will have the opportunity to confirm acceptance of the new member.



Lean Forum community

What members think:

“As usual I found the day thoroughly productive. I also found it inspiring that even after nearly 20 years of Lean, Ford where still coming up with new CI ideas and I plan to implement some of their practices around this.”
Deane Sheppard,  Site Manager, HP

‘The Lean Service Forum continues to be an excellent vehicle for EDF Energy.  Since its origination our membership has never been in question as we continue to seek insight and best practise from organisations facing very similar business challenges…..  I’ve always found the Lean Service Forum to be a worthwhile investment of my personal time and those of my colleagues as we continue to grow our capability’
Paul O’Sullivan, EDF Energy

‘Being an active member of the Lean Service Forum is invaluable to us because it provides a platform for sharing best practice with a wide network. The guest speakers provide inspiration and thought leadership and every quarter there’s a window into a different business which gives a real insight into others’ lean journeys. The linked in group is good place to pose questions too, there’s always somebody with an answer’
Angela Cox, Eurest, Compass Group

“We have been members of the Lean Service Forum since its inception in 2009. The forum provides a great opportunity to network and share experiences with a wide range of organisations who are all at different stages on their Lean journeys. These best practice visits form an integral part of our continued learning with attendees ranging from new trainee analysts through to members of the executive leadership team.”
Paul Sperling, OM Wealth


For more information on the Lean Service Forum, including details on future events and our rules of membership, please contact